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The Bar - Leagues
League Sub List
If you are interested in playing in a league at The Bar but do not have a team, send us your information via the e-mail form below and we will add you to our sub list.

Location Name Phone League Level Availability Date
Appleton (Lynndale) deven Alder 715-340-0564 Any League BB-Middle Tue Thu 05/06/2019
Notes: Looking to get onto some more teams for the summer. Im a 6'4 guy that can play all around. Setting is my weak spot but otherwise would like to play on a more competitive team
Appleton (Lynndale) Melissa Anderson 920-840-3995 Any Coed BB-Lower Any 06/14/2020
Notes: Played outdoor bar league volleyball two summers in a row back in 2010 and 2011. I’m a little rusty but would love to meet new people and get back into the swing of things again.
Appleton (Lynndale) Julie Andrews 616-723-4731 Any League A Mon Tue Wed Thu 11/20/2019
Notes: Would play in BB or A. Thanks!
Appleton (Lynndale) Nick Chiaro 608-279-2806 Any League BB Any 02/28/2021
Notes: Hey all, I'm a 34 year old looking to join in on some volleyball when possible. I'm sure I have some rust as it's been a while, but I'm fairly athletic. Looking to have fun; easy going attitude, but I also like a good match. Reach out with any questions! Cheers, Nick
Appleton (Lynndale) Vegas Cruz 608-633-4602 Any League AA Any 08/25/2021
Appleton (Lynndale) Dayton Culver 920-650-5829 Any League BB-Middle Any 06/14/2021
Notes: Will play any level.
Appleton (Lynndale) Cory Duprey 615-809-5976 Any League BB Any 11/08/2020
Notes: Just moved to WI. Been playing for 20 years. 6'2" can set or hit. I play grass, indoor, or sand.
Appleton (Lynndale) Kaela Fennell-Chin 954-444-1435 Any League BB-Middle Any 11/17/2019
Notes: Played club throughout high school and college. Just moved here from Georgia and currently play in Oshkosh but would like to play closer to Appleton especially when it started snowing more
Appleton (Lynndale) Micayla Fritsch 920-905-3512 Any League BB Any 10/04/2021
Notes: Hi there, I’m new to the area and looking to sub and eventually find a team. (I’m 25 if that matters). I played throughout high school, intramural in college, and indoor and outdoor bar leagues. My biggest strength is back row but I’d be happy to play where needed!
Appleton (Lynndale) Mary Harrington 310-591-0983 Any League A Any 05/28/2021
Notes: Hello. I been playing volleyball since I was 11 years old. I'm 5'11 all around player. I can play any night games. Just moved to the area from California. Im willing to play at any level. I played in college and really enjoy the game. I have played middle, RS, Oh and libero. Text or Call if you need an extra.
Appleton (Lynndale) Heidi Hartley 970-556-8419 Any League B Any 05/29/2021
Notes: I am in Appleton for the summer and I am looking for a fun easy going team to sub or play for. I haven't played sand in a couple of years but hoping to play and have some fun!
Appleton (Lynndale) John Heider 920-378-4977 Any League BB-Middle Any 12/10/2020
Notes: I’ve played in high school. Looking to start playing again
Appleton (Lynndale) Austin Huggins 920-450-8160 Any League BB-Upper Any 09/15/2019
Notes: I was unable to get a team together but I am very interested in playing volleyball. I played in HS and college intramural leagues. I was a setter and have good ball handling skills. I can play all positions.
Appleton (Lynndale) Tom Hutchens 920-213-9656 Any League BB-Lower 07/30/2019
Notes: I have not played in a leage since college but I am excited to get back out there. I am 6'2 and played athletics all my life.
Appleton (Lynndale) Neal Johanson 847-826-2476 Any League BB Tue Wed Thu 10/04/2021
Notes: Just moved to Appleton, I love to play competively or just for fun. I’m 6’5 and 28 years old and have played pretty consistently the last 5 years in intermediate competitive pick up in Chicago, SLC, and Madison. I enjoy meeting new people.
Appleton (Lynndale) Jason LeMere 920-944-7460 Any Coed BB-Lower Any 08/05/2020
Notes: I can play at Appleton or Oshkosh. Thanks Jason
Appleton (Lynndale) Nick Manteufel 920-939-0772 Any League BB Any 04/28/2021
Notes: Hello! I recently got back from Army training and in my free time I played a lot of vb with friends. I also played in HS. I’m 5’11” and I’m a middle and I can also set, but I’m a pretty well rounded player looking to join a team!
Appleton (Lynndale) Jordan Martzahl 920-540-7199 Any League BB Tue Wed Thu 12/30/2020
Notes: Willing to sub for any quads or 6's teams. I'm a decently well rounded player. Can hit, set, play defense, have a little trouble with blocking. I have experience playing Coed quads, coed 6s, Mens triples, and mens 6s. 5'7". Been playing for 7 years.
Appleton (Lynndale) Emily Mashak 414-391-5584 Any League BB Any 11/06/2019
Appleton (Lynndale) Gina Partipilo 312-560-4127 Any League BB-Middle Any 02/06/2019
Notes: Just moved to the area--played club growing up and have done bar and rec leagues since. (5'4") Setter, woman
Appleton (Lynndale) Tyler Picker 262-385-5128 Any League BB-Lower Any 01/05/2019
Notes: Moving to appleton and need a team.
Appleton (Lynndale) Todd Rammer 417-719-0122 Any League BB Any 09/09/2019
Notes: Just moved back to the valley and looking to get back into volleyball. I have been playing consistently in Florida and Missouri. Interested in mens or coeds. Ready now. Thank you
Appleton (Lynndale) Kelly Sautter 805-704-8616 Any League BB-Upper Any 09/04/2021
Notes: Hey there! Just moved to Appleton from the central coast of California and looking to continue my sand game. I have been playing 2 on 2 but interested in any league at this point. I'm well rounded however my greatest strength is defense as I love to dive and hustle.
Appleton (Lynndale) Kenny Schubart 920-213-4151 Any League BB Any 07/06/2021
Notes: 4 years at Neenah, 5 years at Platteville. Short but can play all around. Cannot block that well. Can set pretty well. I live very close too so if you need a last minute I am here.
Appleton (Lynndale) Jim Tennie 715-250-4994 Any Men's BB-Middle Any 01/27/2021
Appleton (Lynndale) Allison Vandenberg 920-851-4139 Any League BB-Middle Any 08/11/2021
Notes: Back in Appleton after graduating college. 22 years old, played in high school and a college intramural team. I can play at any level, just looking for some fun and to meet some new people! Text or give me a call!
Appleton (Lynndale) Matt Voet 920-202-6726 Any Men's BB Sun Mon Tue 01/23/2019
Notes: Recently graduated college. Played 4 years of intramurals and 2 seasons of bar league in la crosse. Played both sand and indoor. All around player. Looking to join or sub for a team!
Appleton (Lynndale) Marie Walker 815-601-7721 Any League BB Any 05/30/2021
Notes: Just moved back to the area. Looking to play competitive volleyball, indoor or outdoor. Played 4 years in high school and high level intramural in college.
Appleton (Lynndale) Lucas Zimmer 920-809-7656 Any Coed BB-Middle Any 09/08/2021
Notes: I can play in any skill level on any day there are openings for teams, thanks!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Nicholas Anderson 920-471-9663 Any League BB Any 03/05/2020
Notes: Haven't played in awhile, but looking to get back into playing.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mary Ascher 715-587-8662 Any League B Any 05/25/2020
Notes: Have been playing women’s and Co-Ed for many years
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Paige Berwald 906-364-4145 Any League A Any 05/24/2019
Notes: Looking to play on any team. I played volleyball in high school. I also played intramural volleyball and on bar leagues in college. Just wanted to get back in the game!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jim Brick 262-391-7674 Any Coed B Tue 06/02/2020
Notes: I would like to join a coed team on Tuesdays.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mike Burchard 920-655-3959 Any Men's A Mon Thu 07/18/2019
Notes: Have been playing since high school volleyball as well as club volleyball. Can play outside middle or right side. 6’5
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Carrie Cherney 920-973-5406 Any Coed B Any 08/21/2021
Notes: I haven't played for a while but I would like to sub or eventually find a team to play with regularly. Coed or women's would be great.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) John Christensen 920-370-5963 Any League B Sun Mon Tue Thu 03/11/2021
Notes: Experienced player looking to join a team. My specialty is digging and setting. Played bar leagues in the past.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) jim ekness 406-208-5043 Any League B Mon Tue Wed Thu 03/13/2021
Notes: I played in montana for 20 years, and would like to get back into playing
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Bob Ellis 920-264-7342 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 01/02/2019
Notes: Looking to sub AMAP then league up for next season. Usually stuck between BB and A. No quit, continuous improvement freak. Text or email preferred. See you in the sand!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Dan Fullerton 715-851-5335 Any League BB Sun Mon Tue Thu 10/17/2019
Notes: I am looking for a team in any league BB or higher. I used to play A and B league at the watering hole in Green Bay. I currently play Wednesday nights at Tanners in Appleton. I have played in bar leagues for about 15 years at multiple levels. Due to the makeup of the teams I have played with, I have been the outside hitter and the ace server, but I am also pretty good with back row defense/anticipation and serve receive. Just over 6 feet tall.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Cailin Haas 920-209-6963 Coed Sixes A Any 02/01/2021
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Kamryb Haupt 920-888-0166 Any League A Sun Mon Tue Wed 05/20/2021
Notes: I will play any league
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Paige Hoheneder 720-421-0644 Any Coed B Tue Wed 10/19/2020
Notes: Hi, my name is Paige. My husband and I just got to first shift at our job and wanted to get back into volleyball. I am a bit rusty but not too bad once I get back into things. We are looking for a team and make new friends!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Ryan Jackson 920-737-6659 Any League B Any 03/09/2021
Notes: Graduated from college recently, looking to meet new people and play for fun. 23 years old, 5' 8" and athletic. Have played pickup games in the past but nothing super competitive.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Adrianna Jensen 920-501-9246 Any League A Any 11/21/2020
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jordan Kawlewski 715-340-9007 Any Coed BB Sun Tue Wed Thu 07/06/2020
Notes: New to Green Bay and looking to join a team!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Craig Kittelson 920-246-6824 Any Men's A Any 05/09/2021
Notes: Need a sub? I can play any role for BB/B, but only a hitter for A. Send me a text.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Britney Klúmp 561-558-5532 Any League AA Any 11/27/2020
Notes: Please shoot me a text! 5615585532 I am new to the area, I played vball and soccer in college! I’m need to join other sporty people to play! ☺️
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Bala Krish 920-489-5703 Coed Sixes B 08/08/2019
Notes: Hi, We are planning to register our team for CoEd sixers. Currently we have a team of 4 men and 1 women. How many women players we need to have at minimum and maximum? 1. Can we play 3 men and 1 women? 2. Can we play 4 men and 2 women? 3. Can we play 3 men and 3 women? Please share more details. Thanks!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Sam Krusinski 734-589-3840 Any League B Any 08/18/2020
Notes: Just moved to De Pere looking to have fun and meet new people. Have experience from my younger years. Looking to dip my toes in the sand again!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Chenu Lor 920-445-9593 Any League BB Any 08/30/2020
Notes: I don’t know much people and usually play grass, I think it’ll be awesome to try out some sand leagues. I’m down for any league BBs
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jake Miller 920-296-7453 Any League BB Wed Thu 05/20/2019
Notes: Willing to play any League level A-C. Looking to get into a league for the first time so I thought I'd start with subbing.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Nick Mills 224-256-1006 Any League AA Any 11/17/2020
Notes: Recently moved to GB looking for a team and/or league to join! I played libero 4 years in HS but can play all around.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Nick Myers 815-980-1878 Any League B Any 12/09/2019
Notes: New to the area and looking to eventually join a team but looking to start out as a sub for now. I'm 6' 0" and athletic. I played on some leagues in college and some tournaments here and there. C and B level. Possibly BB but its been awhile since I've played.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Whitney Neuville 702-708-3475 Any League B Sun Thu 06/29/2019
Notes: Seeking to join a volleyball rec team/league.I would say my skill level is intermediate. Looking to have some competitive fun!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Amber Olson 916-990-5310 Any League A Any 06/22/2021
Notes: Recently graduatied college and just moved to Green Bay from CA and am looking to join or sub for a team! Played volleyball my whole life and can play any position needed.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Annabell Prigge 910-286-9500 Any League B Any 07/09/2020
Notes: Looking to join a team... thanks!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) douglas rivera 920-530-0463 Any League BB Any 05/05/2021
Notes: Just text me if you jeed someone not too far away from the bar play any position
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Amaad Rivera-Wagner 413-799-2183 Any League A Any 07/15/2021
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Hanna Shinners 920-287-9647 Any Women's B Any 05/25/2021
Notes: Just moved to Green Bay and am looking to meet some people and play some volley ball.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Valerie Smith 920-660-4257 Any League B Any 02/16/2020
Notes: Hello. I been playing volleyball since I was 10 years old. Played at the bar a few times. I want to stay very active and meet new people. I'm 5'10 all around player. I can play any night games because I work during the day all week.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Dallas Terry 715-651-2574 Any League BB Any 06/12/2019
Notes: Just move to the area, been playing year round in eau claire for the past 4-5 years. Let me know if you need a sub, I would love to meet some new people
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Princess Vele 715-496-0285 Any Coed BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 02/09/2021
Notes: Athletic, competitive, played ball leagues. Looking to. Looking to come play, win and have fun.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Ashley Wendt 920-606-7027 Any League BB Sun Mon Wed 02/19/2020
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mary Beth Wendt 920-338-0122 Women's Sixes B Any 02/24/2020
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Lydia Wozniak 920-784-9853 Any League BB Any 06/03/2021
Notes: Preferred method of contact please call, ok to leave a message. I am good with any level. Lydia plays well with others. ;)
Oshkosh Lydia Beranek 920-609-1499 Any League BB Wed Thu 09/04/2020
Notes: Would love to play on a league permanently if anyone needs any extra girl. I prefer a competitive league, and also prefer quads. I can play any position.
Oshkosh Amanda Hall 920-509-7481 Any Coed BB Sun Wed 11/01/2019
Oshkosh Megan Hohner 920-633-3261 Any League BB Any 09/05/2020
Notes: Looking to play either competitively or for fun and am very much looking forward to it! I love to play volleyball and also would love to meet new people as well. I’m 27, friendly, an experienced player and very excited to hear from you to play!
Oshkosh Jenn Kalchik 231-492-3021 Coed Sixes B Tue Wed Thu 03/26/2021
Notes: just moved to Oshkosh last year. would like to join a team and meet new people. Played in high school and intramural in college. Good server and back row player. Could join any league but would prefer not to be in league A.
Oshkosh Morgan Kratz 608-807-9751 Any Women's BB Sun Wed 05/26/2021
Oshkosh kristen mattison 815-601-3675 Any League B Mon Tue Wed Thu 04/01/2019
Notes: Hi. Recently moved to the area looking to join a team or pick up a few games. Can also play in Appleton
Oshkosh Marissa Mielke 920-252-9030 Any League BB-Lower Any 03/10/2021
Oshkosh Meghan Mieras 605-595-4377 Any League BB Any 05/22/2021
Oshkosh Skye Olsen 715-252-0825 Any League BB Sun Tue Wed Thu 05/06/2019
Notes: Good all around player- 5'8", would love to join a team or fill in as a sub, I have played court, sand, traveling club, intramural, college and bar league before and have experience playing with all types of players.
Oshkosh John Rico 920-376-0291 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 09/10/2021
Notes: I am 5'7 I usually play indoor and grass. I’m a okay all around player
Oshkosh Ericka Robert-Seager 650-862-7085 Any League BB Any 08/11/2021
Notes: In Oshkosh through mid-September and available to sub, preferably intermediate BB quads. 27 y/o, 5'8 and playing in leagues/tournaments for the past 9 years, reliable in any position. My husband (28 y/o, 6'0) is also available (Chris S).
Oshkosh Evan Schertz 715-370-3949 Any League BB Mon Tue Thu 01/20/2020
Notes: Recently moved to Oshkosh and would like to join a league. I'm 24, 5'11" and have only played volleyball for fun. I'm looking forward to meeting new people.
Oshkosh Chris Seager 715-551-9725 Any League BB 08/11/2021
Notes: In Oshkosh through mid-September and available to sub, preferably intermediate/competitive BB/A quads or doubles. 28 y/o, 6'0 and playing in leagues/tournaments for the past 9 years, reliable in any position. My wife (27 y/o, 5'7) is also available (Ericka RS).
Oshkosh Melanie Tucker 920-904-3996 Any League BB Any 05/14/2021
Notes: I’m here to help if your in a bind and need someone to fill in because your short. I enjoy playing I’m competitive but also like to just have fun and play with and meet new people if you need me I’m here.
Oshkosh Matt Voet 920-202-6726 Any Men's BB Mon Tue 01/23/2019
Notes: I work in oshkosh. Recently graduated college. Played 3 years intramurals, 2 seasons of bar league, varying levels. 6' all around player, looking to join or sub for a team!
Oshkosh Logan Weyers 920-215-0297 Any League B Sun Mon Thu 09/10/2019
Notes: I'm a flexible guy. If you need an extra man, let me know. My preferred method of contact is by phone. Texting or calling is fine.
Wausau Jen Bizzotto 248-635-4232 Any Women's BB Any 06/08/2019
Notes: Just moved back to Wisconsin from Massachusetts and looking to get my toes back in some sand. I played briefly on a league in Madison and loved it. Hope to see you on the court!
Wausau Mollie Hartwig 715-212-6205 Any League BB Any 05/28/2021
Notes: Used to play sand when I lived in Point, but there aren't many opportunities up in Merrill. I'm 35, female, and would love to sub or put a team together for anyone interested? Text or give me a call.
Wausau Ian Tiatia 901-482-9679 Any League BB Any 05/18/2021
Notes: Just a college kid home for the summer, but new to Wisconsin. I’m 22, fairly skilled, and excited to meet people. Text/call me if you need an extra.
If you are on this list and no longer want to be, or you would like to change your availability, please contact the appropriate location using the contact form. Names will automatically be taken off the list after 2 years.

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