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The Bar - Leagues
League Sub List
If you are interested in playing in a league at The Bar but do not have a team, send us your information via the e-mail form below and we will add you to our sub list.

Location Name Phone League Level Availability Date
Appleton (Lynndale) Kannan AJ 920-843-8735 Any League AA Any 09/29/2016
Notes: I can play in A & BB as well.
Appleton (Lynndale) Derek Brokaw 920-418-2782 Any Men's BB-Middle Any 05/04/2015
Notes: I couldn't get friends to commit to a team so looking to play with whoever will take me. I play a different bar leagues all around the area both fun and competitive.
Appleton (Lynndale) Amelia Bubin 978-764-0169 Any League A Any 04/25/2014
Notes: I would love to get back into playing volleyball! I moved to the area last year and don't have a team, but I'm easy-going and work well with everyone. I'm 25 years old, 6' tall. I played volleyball competitively in high school and college. I have experience playing outside hitter, setter, and middle hitter; I would love to play any of those positions again. Please contact me if you need a player!
Appleton (Lynndale) Noah Butzen 920-637-0191 Any League BB-Middle Sun Mon Tue Wed 10/24/2016
Notes: I've played in rec leagues for the past few years, looking to substitute for anything. I'm only available on mondays, tuesdays, and Wednesday's after 8pm, but I'm free all Sunday.
Appleton (Lynndale) Chris Carrero 610-350-8656 Any Coed BB-Middle Any 01/19/2014
Notes: Just moved to the area and am looking to have some fun. Average skill level, above average fun level.
Appleton (Lynndale) Deven Cieslewicz 715-340-0564 Any Coed BB-Middle Sun Mon Tue Thu 11/04/2015
Notes: Been having a lot of fun playing volley ball and want to play more. I'm a 6'4 guy of average skill. Can spike and block
Appleton (Lynndale) Cassie Daavettila 920-609-5834 Any League BB-Middle Any 01/01/2014
Notes: Haven't played in a few years, but would love to get back into it! I can't make it to weekday games earlier than 6:30PM.
Appleton (Lynndale) Alfie Dela Cruz 407-404-1454 Any League BB-Middle Mon Tue Wed Thu 01/07/2015
Notes: I've played on a co-ed sixes, mens quads and co-ed quads team, just trying to find something to do on Monday and Thursday. If anyone needs me, I'm open!
Appleton (Lynndale) Daniel Dibble 970-589-0427 Any League BB-Middle Mon Tue 08/08/2015
Notes: Played last year in a Rec League and really enjoyed it. I am 6 foot 2 and very comfortable spiking and blocking. wouldn't mind getting more competitive.
Appleton (Lynndale) NicCole Dolde 920-574-5152 Any League BB Any 09/15/2015
Notes: I've played in several leagues at The Bar, I played VB 7-12th grade as well as several club teams. I can play any position.
Appleton (Lynndale) Hans Duininck 918-809-5597 Any League BB Any 04/21/2016
Notes: Just moved here and am looking to play some rec volleyball and meet people. I'm 26 and have been playing recreational volleyball for the past 10 years or so. Good rec hitter, passer, and setter.
Appleton (Lynndale) Emilie Geurts 920-660-1194 Any League BB Any 07/01/2016
Appleton (Lynndale) Claude Gordiaby 414-349-8001 Any Coed BB Any 08/15/2016
Notes: Hello, I have no team and looking to play in any regular team as well as co-ed. I am available to play in any level including(A-B-BB, C).
Appleton (Lynndale) Sara Handrick 715-383-4772 Any Women's C Any 01/08/2015
Notes: I'm new to the area, looking to meet new people. I've never played professional volleyball but I played a little in college and I love the game! I'm only available on nights after 5pm but I would love to participate!
Appleton (Lynndale) Alyssa Hangartner 920-857-8704 Any League C Any 08/29/2015
Notes: Just moved to the area looking to play some volleyball and meet some people! Played rec volleyball in college, I'm not the worst, and I won't yell at you if you mess up. Feel free to contact me if you need a sub!
Appleton (Lynndale) Kylie Hartford 810-360-7261 Any League BB-Lower Any 08/01/2017
Notes: Just moved to the area and looking to meet people! I have played on rec leagues and am athletic but unfortunately only 5'4" offering no help in the whole blocking and spiking effort but definitely a solid bumper and setter lol Contact me if you need a sub!
Appleton (Lynndale) Jaron Innis 616-690-6611 Any League A Any 02/10/2016
Notes: In Appleton starting June. Looking for a summer team. Played on MTU Men's Volleyball team, 6'7". Decent hitter/blocker.
Appleton (Lynndale) Steven Johannes 920-840-8564 Any League BB-Middle Any 02/03/2017
Notes: If anyone needs a sub please let me know. i do have a rotating shift work schedule. i work from 6a-6p. i do work from wisconsin rapids and it would take me a little over an hour to get to the bar. However i would love to play. Thank you.
Appleton (Lynndale) Matt Kearney 920-585-3880 Any League BB-Middle Any 06/01/2015
Notes: Missed out on registration due to rarely being on top of things, but I'd still like to play- high school/college club experience, but I'm mostly in it for the fun.
Appleton (Lynndale) Thomas Kilber 920-2160-049 Coed Quads BB Any 05/07/2017
Notes: Live down the road from The Bar. My old team didn't feel like playing this year so I would also be looking to join a team in the future. Casual player.
Appleton (Lynndale) Jared Konrath 262-349-1996 Any League BB Any 03/16/2016
Notes: Just moved from Milwaukee. I've played quads for the last 15 years. I was usually back row / middle hitter. I'm used to hitting 1's and 2 balls. I'll play anywhere that is needed.
Appleton (Lynndale) Joe Kulkarni 920-809-1810 Any League BB Any 05/07/2015
Notes: I'm kind of new to the area, and Ive been playing indoor sixes competitively for a few years, and im trying to get my foot in the door with the Appleton volleyball community
Appleton (Lynndale) Garrett LaBerge 715-225-3089 Any League BB-Middle Any 01/06/2015
Notes: I have just moved to the area and looking to get into some leagues, I have played on and off for the last few years mostly jsut in bar leagues. Will play any night and any league. Just looking to have some fun and get better at the game!
Appleton (Lynndale) Melissa Lone 920-268-9866 Any League A Sun Mon Tue 11/02/2016
Notes: Played throughout high school, at a technical college level, as well as sand bar league and indoor. Good server and defensive player, but I can also set and hit.
Appleton (Lynndale) Levi Lyons 920-740-7918 Men's Quads BB-Middle Any 07/26/2016
Notes: I've gone from playing 4 days a week in Shawano to playing 0 days a week in Appleton. I am just trying to get a foot in the door of the Appleton volley ball community. I've been playing for the last 10 years or so. Started with bar league 6's and moved to indoor quads and trips. I am definitely a better defensive player than offensive but still well rounded.
Appleton (Lynndale) Maggie Miller 920-585-2195 Coed Sixes C Mon Tue Thu 10/18/2016
Notes: Just looking to make new friends and have fun! Played intramurals the past 4 years-consider myself a decent player.
Appleton (Lynndale) Mike Minor 920-574-7251 Any League BB-Middle Mon Tue Wed Thu 05/20/2016
Notes: I played in bar leagues in Milwaukee for several years prior to moving up here 8 years ago, would love to get back into a league. I'm 5'8", so I'm not going to do much hitting or blocking, but I'm quick. Good passer, decent setter.
Appleton (Lynndale) David Ngo 920-475-7476 Any League BB Any 08/09/2016
Notes: Just moved back from CA. Played in a lot of rec and bar leagues. I'm comfortable in any position, mainly play outside hitter.
Appleton (Lynndale) Ayo Odusanya 920-204-2842 Coed Quads BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 05/12/2014
Notes: Used to play at the Bar a few seasons back and had to move for a couple years. Relocating back to Wisconsin for work, and would like to keep the tradition going. Played in a few leagues during my time away so I'm not too rusty. Interested in Any form of Quads, on any day between Monday and Thursday
Appleton (Lynndale) Benjamin Olabisi 973-902-1340 Any League BB Tue Wed Thu 03/25/2014
Notes: Hello, just moved to Wisconsin. Looking to get back to playing volleyball after 3 months off. I'm 30, been playing indoor Harcourt VB for 4 years mostly with co-workers (so no high school or college or any coached experience). Occasional sessions on grass and sand. I play hitter but happy to play setter too. Looking to sub or join a team. I want to play again for fun and to meet people, and eventually championships
Appleton (Lynndale) Paige Orangio 404-933-2743 Any Coed A Any 06/05/2017
Notes: Just moved to the area from Georgia and was too late to sign up for a team. Played middle hitter throughout high school, so prefer front row. Also I'm 6'1".
Appleton (Lynndale) Brady Persha 715-853-5020 Any League BB-Middle Any 08/29/2015
Notes: All I have to say is im 6'4" and I played a little in high school gym class. I can be very competitive and im easy to get along with. Im really not too bad im naturally pretty good at sports. I just want to meet some people and have a little fun.
Appleton (Lynndale) Justin Peterson 920-358-4811 Any League BB Sun Mon Wed Thu 08/04/2014
Notes: I'm 5'10" and playing quads for 17 years. I can play all around and am very competitive. Thanks
Appleton (Lynndale) Erika Piencikowski 715-892-7632 Any League BB-Middle Sun Mon Tue Thu 08/22/2016
Appleton (Lynndale) Desiree Reed 202-640-0406 Any League A Any 11/28/2016
Notes: New to the area. 6ft female, A/AA, looking to play in some Saturday or Sunday tournaments. Thanks!
Appleton (Lynndale) Erica Reineck 920-209-3161 Any League BB-Upper Sun Tue Wed Thu 04/06/2016
Notes: I played throughout high school and have been in summer leagues ever since. I'm a consistent all around player, looking to sub for any quads or co-ed teams!
Appleton (Lynndale) Erika Rohm 920-470-6682 Any League BB Thu 09/02/2015
Notes: I played on Wednesdays 6 Co eds last year, however, most of the team decided to play fall softball. Looming to have some fun, meet new people and play some V ball! I can also make some Sunday nights work, too
Appleton (Lynndale) Bob Ross 715-412-0250 Any League A Any 11/23/2015
Notes: can hit or set would like 2 play some competition ball
Appleton (Lynndale) Alli Ruppel 920-858-6259 Any League BB-Upper Mon Tue Wed Thu 08/19/2016
Notes: Have been playing for years at Gameday. My team there has fizzled out. Looking to play still! I can hit, set, bump and serve. I get along with everyone :)
Appleton (Lynndale) Ryan Schleihs 920-636-8402 Any League BB-Upper Any 09/03/2015
Notes: I played men's BB Quads/ Coed Quads in Appleton. I'm 6'-4" can hit, block, bump, dig and cover court but not the best at setting. Looking to meet new people and have some fun.
Appleton (Lynndale) Kim Schmidt 920-420-5802 Any Coed BB-Middle Sun Mon Wed 03/16/2016
Notes: Played in HS and now on a league for past 4 years. New to Appleton and don't want to stop playing!
Appleton (Lynndale) Corey Silvis 989-600-6441 Any League BB-Middle Any 03/18/2017
Notes: Just moved to the area from Madison and am looking for folks to play with. I've been playing in work and rec leagues for the past 3 years. I'm willing to play any position or level.
Appleton (Lynndale) Anudeep Sura 419-215-2171 Any League BB-Middle Any 01/07/2015
Notes: I'm Looking to sub or join a team. I wouldn't say I am bad at volleyball but I am not a professional. I enjoy being competitive. I can't make it to weekday games earlier than 5:00PM. Thanks :)
Appleton (Lynndale) Bryan Swiderski 715-551-1107 Any League BB Any 06/08/2014
Notes: Only competitive experience would be at the Waupaca Boat Ride Tournament or D1 Intramurals at UWSP. Not sure my level, but most likely BB or higher. Looking for something to do and meet new people in the area.
Appleton (Lynndale) Lee Trask 920-221-6040 Any League A Any 10/22/2015
Notes: Just moved to the Appleton area from Ohio. I played club in college as a middle and would love to get into some sand!
Appleton (Lynndale) Michael Van Abel 920-570-4653 Any League BB Any 04/29/2016
Appleton (Lynndale) Rachel Vogel 920-973-2979 Any League A Any 09/02/2017
Notes: Frequently play competitive and organized volleyball.
Appleton (Lynndale) Jake Wayne 715-559-2537 Any League B Thu 04/25/2017
Notes: Just moved to the Fox Valley from Sheboygan, looking to find a full team, but happy to sub until then. No college play, but have been playing B+ level Y league for 3 and a half years in a 5-1 rotation, and have been doing bar leagues in the summer. 6', 26yo, athletic, so pretty versatile.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Scott Alvey 920-655-1349 Any League BB Any 02/16/2017
Notes: I like sports, and volleyball is a sport, so I figure sign me up. I've played in the past and am pretty decent; I'm tall enough and can jump, and 90% of the time the ball goes where I want it to go. I am competitive but at the end of the day, I have bar-league fun, win or lose.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jordan Antinoja 715-572-4409 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 04/29/2014
Notes: Played in bar leagues and intramural leagues through college and don't have a team of my own since moving to Green Bay. 6 feet tall and primarily play middle blocker or opposite-side hitter. Competitive player and an agressive blocker. Call or text anytime.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Bradford Barr 920-422-2114 Any Coed C Any 01/01/2016
Notes: Preferably darts; I used to be quite good. Volleyball would just be for fun.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Sarah Beckman 716-212-7800 Any League BB Any 10/04/2016
Notes: I am looking for sub opportunities or to join in on tournament play. I've been playing since grade school and can be competitive in any league or level. I am a solid all around player that can receive, set, hit and serve well.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Lydia Beranek 608-769-7597 Any League BB Sun Tue 01/04/2015
Notes: I am new to the area and looking to find some more time in the sand. I'm not A level, but I'm pretty solid and competitive. Defensive is my weak area. Can hit and block well. Ok at setting.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Payton Berth 262-483-0948 Any Coed BB Mon Tue Wed 05/15/2014
Notes: I played for a year in high school and have played all 3 years for intramural in college.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jim Brick 262-391-7674 Any League B Tue Thu 10/15/2015
Notes: B to B+ player strong setter
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Sam Bunker 920-242-2389 Any Coed BB Mon Tue Thu 08/12/2015
Notes: I have consistently played Rec league volleyball for the past 9 years. I currently play on Wednesday night on a Coed Sixes but I am open to Any Women's or Any Coed teams.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Natty Bury 920-321-8476 Any Coed BB Any 08/04/2017
Notes: Height: 6'3" Reach: 6'5". I jump,hit, and serve well. Can play any position, any skill level, and any day.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Kaitlyn Cole 920-530-8005 Any League BB Any 08/10/2015
Notes: Hey guys, I am looking to sub, or be on a team. I am 6' tall and 21 years old and played volleyball in and out of school. I am pretty experienced and can play any position. I can be competitive but jut looking to have some fun!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Tess Conklin 301-788-9892 Coed Sixes B Sun Mon Thu 09/06/2015
Notes: I haven't played volleyball competitively since high school, and so am just looking for a for-fun league/team to join. I just moved to Green Bay and thought this would be a fun way to meet people. I'm short, so not great in the front row, but I've played all positions.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Eddie Cox 262-325-8067 Any League B Any 08/03/2016
Notes: Been playing on rec leagues for the last few years, would love to join a team that needs an extra or start a new team if people are interested. Text, call, or email me.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) James Darmawan 920-265-7848 Any Men's BB Sun Wed 04/20/2015
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Dan Dassow 715-560-0519 Any Coed B Mon Tue Thu 02/21/2017
Notes: I used to play in coed leagues in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls and am new to the area. Please call if you need another guy. Thanks! Dan
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Bob Ellis 920-403-0623 Any League BB Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 02/19/2017
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Michaela Franklin 920-609-3958 Any League AA Any 01/16/2014
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jenni Graham 920-664-2719 Any League BB Any 08/19/2014
Notes: Just moved to the area and looking to play some competitive and scrappy vball! Been playing throughout my entire life; I'm 5'10, left handed and can play weak-side hitter, setter, and great at digging. Call/text/email thank you!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Adele Hickethier 609-339-1894 Any Coed BB Any 07/21/2015
Notes: New in town, would love to join a team!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Tom Holewinski 858-220-5779 Any League BB 08/27/2014
Notes: I moved recently from San Diego. I miss playing quads on the beach and want to get back into it and have some fun as well
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jason Kane 920-629-0558 Any Coed BB Any 11/07/2016
Notes: I have played at the bar many times was on a team last summer team took a break really like to play grest at bumping and serving. Would like to play on a full time team but would just sub when needed.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jennifer Kellow 920-764-2902 Any League BB Any 06/21/2016
Notes: Play 3 times a week curently played highschool & college.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Alyssa Klatt 920-875-0066 Any League AA Sun Wed 06/08/2015
Notes: I use to play in school. But now I want to just play for fun. I am really good.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jared Konrath 262-349-1996 Any League BB Any 03/16/2016
Notes: Recently moved from Milwaukee. I've played bar leagues for 10+ years. I was a middle hitter usually hitting 1 and 2 balls. I've played strong side and weak side also so anywhere will do.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Tina Koyen 920-427-9241 Any League AA Any 04/25/2015
Notes: Willing to sub year round, but, looking for a team during the summer.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Kevin Laabs 920-619-0050 Any League B Tue Wed Thu 01/24/2014
Notes: Looking to get into vball again. Willing to sub but hoping to play full time.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Casey Lamensky 920-470-8950 Any League B Sun Tue Wed Thu 04/22/2014
Notes: My team for this spring/summer fell apart at the last minute. Just looking to keep playing volleyball. I am interested in playing full time or subbing. Willing to play in any coed or womens league.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Chrissy Langin 920 468 5163 Any League B Sun Tue Thu 03/15/2016
Notes: Any league I would be willing to join as long as it's at the green bay lime kiln location.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Chrissy Langin 920-664-3667 Any League B Tue Wed Thu 05/02/2016
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jeremy Majors 404-438-8201 Any League BB Any 07/25/2014
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Jeremy Majors 404-438-8201 Coed Sixes BB Any 08/10/2016
Notes: College track and field athlete at uw. Could have played club if my track coach allowed it. Just looking to get back at it.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mitchell Mathews 920-246-8009 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 09/20/2016
Notes: I just graduated from Eau Claire, and moved to De Pere with my girlfriend. I'm a pretty decent volleyball player, and I like beer so it sounds like a good fit. Let me know if you need an extra player, and I would love to join!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Julie Matucheski 651-895-5102 Any League A Any 08/17/2016
Notes: Just moved back from Alaska and would like to get back into playing regularly. Played collegiate volleyball for two years and then for two years on the UW-LAX club team. Libero/setter.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Kent Maxwell 920-619-3221 Any League C Any 08/15/2014
Notes: I play indoor volleyball on a gym floor pretty routinely. I would like to start playing in a bar league but I don't know anyone with similar interests. I can be pretty flexible with my schedule.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mickey O'Malley 920-676-8166 Any League BB Any 03/27/2017
Notes: I play both BB and A teams. I currently play on teams on Tuesday & Wednesday, but have ability to sub same nights or any other night. I also play K/Q tournaments and any triples, or quads tournaments
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Stephanie Ovans 920-288-9759 Any League A Any 02/26/2016
Notes: I have been playing since I was in the 3rd grade. Im a strong middle hitter and outside hitter. I don't have a team together so I'm looking to get into some games. I have played all levels, coed and womens.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Tyler Picker 262-385-5128 Any Coed BB Any 03/25/2017
Notes: Been playing a bit over the years ;)
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Staci Richardson 920-217-6411 Any League A Any 05/09/2014
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) stephanie rusch 920-288-9759 Any League BB Sun Tue Thu 06/08/2015
Notes: I have played volleyball since the 5th grade. Volleyball is my passion and i crave it. I'm an all around player and specialized as a middle hitter and left hitter in high school. Id love to help in anyway i can!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Ryan Schmitz 920-360-1081 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed Thu 05/22/2017
Notes: Used to play in a couple leagues, but everyone had kids and is too busy, looking to play some volleyball again for fun. I'm in good shape and can be competitive or just for fun depending on the team style. Hit me up!
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Sara Seppi 239-207-7410 Any League B Thu 09/06/2012
Notes: HI! Willing to play any League level A-C Looking to get into a league again so I thought I'd start with subbing.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Evan Slavek 920-360-2430 Any League C Any 02/26/2014
Notes: I haven't played in a long time, looking to work on my game and have some fun though, plus I'm 6'4" so that never hurts. Call or text, same to me
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Ian E Smith 920-819-5581 Any Men's A Tue Wed 04/07/2016
Notes: I'm a setter, only. I'm short 5'6"t, fat and a beer sucking pig. I've been play for over 25 years, mostly at The Bar on Thursdays. I will not say that I a good player, only that I can hold my own. I will sub most any time, providing I'm not work out of town. I can run a 5-1 system as well as a 4-1. I do have some experience playing Quads if needed there. Please Note that I didn't say Fat & Slow, but yes still short. Thanks for the height mom and dad.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Justin Stodola 920-737-8749 Any League BB Mon Tue Wed 01/06/2015
Notes: I have been playing volleyball at the bar since I was 17. I'm 6'3" and a super aggressive spiker. I'm looking to join a team or be a sub for either Men's or Coed. I have mostly played Coed but am looking for a challenge and to get better. Please text me if you have a spot on your team or need a sub. Thanks.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Anne Sweney 920-680-2603 Any League BB-Middle Tue Wed Thu 05/02/2016
Notes: This is the 1st summer ive been in green bay and would love to join or get a team going! Been playing volleyball a long time, high school and intramurals in college.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Mark Van Der Wegen 920-544-1437 Any League B Any 03/15/2014
Notes: Been playing for past five years in intramurals at school. Reffed for three years. Looking to get back on a team. Call or text.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Brennan Waupoose 920-366-5470 Any League BB Any 11/09/2016
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Zak Zablocki 920-390-7992 Any League A Any 08/11/2014
Notes: Have played in bar and rec. leagues for the past 3 years. Just moved to GB and looking to find/make team. Very competitive and 6'7" hitter and blocker. Call/text any time.
Green Bay (Lime Kiln) Zak Zablocki 920-360-7992 Any League A Any 09/18/2015
Notes: Hello...willing to join/create team or sub on any league and night except Wednesdays. Competitive 6'7" hitter and decent all round player. Been playing on various leagues over the past 4 year. Email, call, text.
Oshkosh Chris Barnes 262-894-7692 Any League BB Sun Mon Wed 07/12/2015
Notes: Just moved to the area and am looking to meet new people and play some volleyball. I played in high school and on a D1 club team. I would be able to play A league as well.
Oshkosh Joe Bavender 720-338-1290 Any League B Mon Tue Wed 05/14/2014
Notes: I travel from Colorado to work at Oshkosh and am in town nearly every week from Monday - Wednesday. I've played a decent amount of volleyball. I would love to play.
Oshkosh Ben Buell 920-539-3709 Any League A Sun Mon Tue Thu 07/15/2015
Notes: Willing to sub for divisions B or higher. My work schedule constantly changing so feel free to text or call if you are interested.
Oshkosh Cory Damaschke 920-573-3426 Any League BB Thu 08/31/2016
Notes: I'm a good digger and setter as well as serving. I would be interested in subbing or joining a league
Oshkosh Niccole Dolde 920-574-5152 Any League BB Any 06/15/2014
Notes: Played vb in highschool, played a club league for several years
Oshkosh Nicholas Hanford 920-203-2188 Any League A Wed Thu 08/02/2017
Notes: I currently play at the bar on Monday's and Tuesday's, but always open to sub and get the chance to play more. I play mostly as a right side hitter and setter. Please no 6's.
Oshkosh Dave Hanna 920-265-2367 Any League BB Sun Mon Wed 02/20/2014
Notes: I play men's BB Quads up in Appleton and would like to sub on my off nights. I can hit but am most effective at passing, digging and covering the court.
Oshkosh Peter Knitt 920-379-9609 Any Coed BB Mon Tue Wed 06/19/2015
Oshkosh josh koon 414-313-5273 Any League BB Any 03/24/2015
Notes: Haven't played since I moved back to area. I love having a good competitive time and a beer or two as well. Need to get back into game shape, but solid all-around player. Am looking to get a team together but am equally willing to sub too. Have a variable work schedule so just call/text me if you want to try me on.
Oshkosh Caitlyn Krenz 920-229-5445 Any League BB Any 03/11/2014
Notes: I played in high school. I am 6' and really enjoy being active. Looking to meet new friends and do something this spring/summer.
Oshkosh Heidi Kwilinski 608-216-3194 Any League BB Any 11/09/2014
Notes: New to Oshkosh. Played in Madison (high intermediate/power) the last few years. OH. Looking to sub to get to know people and get involved in the volleyball circuit here.
Oshkosh Holly Lehman 608-397-9776 Any Coed BB Sun Mon Wed 07/12/2015
Notes: Just relocated to the area and am looking to play some volleyball. I played throughout high school and played in numerous bar leagues and tournaments since then.
Oshkosh Tara Lohff 715-250-2454 Any League BB Any 10/04/2015
Notes: I have been playing Volleyball all my life and also Coach Volleyball for high school. Currently, I am on two leagues at the bar, but willing to sub if needed. Willing to play on any league, any night of the week! Let me know if you need a sub!
Oshkosh Cameran Nitka 920-203-6355 Any League BB Any 07/22/2015
Notes: I have been playing for 2 years in league and in tournments (LOD and KK mainly). I want to get better and learn more. Also would like to meet more people.
Oshkosh Ayo Odusanya 920-204-2842 Coed Quads BB Wed Thu 06/05/2014
Notes: Notes: Used to play at the Bar a few seasons back and had to move for a couple years. Relocating back to Wisconsin for work, and would like to keep the tradition going. Played in a few leagues during my time away so I'm not too rusty. Interested in Any form of Quads, on Wednesdays / Thursday
Oshkosh Ericka Pierson 262-391-1808 Any League BB Any 08/21/2015
Notes: Newer to the area. Looking to sub or possibly form a local team. Play B+ in the Milwaukee area but sick of the 90 minute commute.
Oshkosh Britney Racine 906-361-6585 Any League AA Any 10/20/2015
Notes: Just moved to town, played all through high school and summer leagues since. Will play any league and coed or women's just want to play since my summer sports are all over! :)
Oshkosh David Roache 630-234-0854 Any League A Any 06/07/2017
Notes: Recently moved to Oshkosh. Can play OPP or OH, A/B level. Have played and/or coached for 15 years.
Oshkosh Andrew Rothe 920-376-1119 Any League BB Mon Wed Thu 09/10/2014
Notes: I've been playing bar ball for a few years now. Open to quads or 6s, men's or coed, in Oshkosh or Appleton. Looking to meet new friends and play more volleyball.
Oshkosh Hannah Rusch 920-252-5789 Coed Quads B Any 03/11/2017
Notes: Used to play all the time and ref on occasion at the Bar and then my schedule got too crazy with school. Now that I have more free time I want to get back to playing. Best at setting and passing. Excited to get back into it!
Oshkosh Robert Salamon 330-842-0351 Any League A Any 09/06/2017
Notes: I've been playing Coed A quads for the last year or so (Gameday in Appleton and The Bar in Oshkosh)- always up to play more. Just moved to the area from Milwaukee.
Oshkosh Kyle Voltz 309-945-5188 Any League BB Sun Mon Wed 09/15/2016
Notes: Normally play coed sixes on both Tuesday and Thursday, and sub for coworkers coed quad BB's on mondays occasionally. Willing to play in any league.
Oshkosh Lester Zielicke 920-251-7805 Any League BB Any 05/26/2015
Notes: I currently on a few teams, Looking to meet new friends and play more Volleyball, sub or on more teams when I can, usually I play men's or coed quads, but will play any format, text/call anytime, I have a somewhat flexible schedule
Wausau Dayna Bares 262-689-7053 Coed Sixes A Any 07/24/2016
Notes: New to the area, looking for a co-ed team to play on. I played volleyball for six years on a bar league back home. It was an indoor sand court, so I played all year long on A level. If there's only summer leagues, then obviously it's too late for this year, but if anyone's looking for a grl or to start a team for next summer, let me know.
Wausau Amy Cowles 920-948-6271 Any Women's B Any 04/03/2014
Notes: I just moved to Wausau with my boyfriend who is originally from here! I am looking to get into some activities and meet some new people! I work at the hospital and have a pretty flexible schedule!
Wausau Dan Giese 608-432-5785 Any League BB Any 05/25/2017
Notes: Team I was with last year isn't playing and still wanting to play this year. Will play on any level. Was D3 last year but could easily do D2 as well.
Wausau Sally Luchterhand 920-810-2169 Coed Sixes BB Any 03/20/2016
Notes: Just moved here... live right down the road from The Bar. Looking to meet new people and have FUN! :))
Wausau Korey Schroeder 920-450-4318 Any League A Any 05/19/2015
Notes: Moving into the area and am looking to get involved in the volleyball scene. I'll play on any mid to high level Men's or Co-ed team. I played in high school and on a good club team at UW-Platteville.
Wausau Josh Strapec 715-393-9413 Any League B Mon Tue Wed Thu 04/04/2016
Notes: Hello, I recently moved here. I Don't know many people yet but I used to play in the beach volleyball league back in Michigan and would like to play here too. If anybody needs another player please contact me. I am looking forward to meeting new people.
Wausau Hannah Tilton 906-364-2918 Coed Sixes BB Any 05/03/2015
Notes: Just moved to the area from Michigan. I played volleyball in high school and bar league. I prefer setter, but I'm willing to play any position and I'll play on any team.
If you are on this list and no longer want to be, or you would like to change your availability, please contact the appropriate location using the contact form. Names will automatically be taken off the list after 2 years.

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